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From Cantabile 2 With Love

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It’s July 16th and raining cats & dogs around Jakarta but didn’t end my travel to Aula Simfonia Jakarta. After 3 hours, i finally got there and met my friend Bulan and Uchie, and in quite beautiful massive building, there were packed of peoples, with the same purpose.
19.30 sharp, the gate opened, and we were assigned to our seat.
Amazed, my first impression to the Concert Hall.
I didn’t imagine that i could see my favorite performers that close.
Unlike the 1st concert, in Cantabile 2, Mr. Addie MS didn’t gave any opening. He just walked in and started the dreams that nite…

First Act. Russlan & Ludmilla Overture (Glinka)
In Nodame : Nodame Special Europe 1
this 5-minutes pieces really stands out as an opening act. overwhelming.

Second Act. Waltz of the Flowers, from The Nutcracker Suite (Beethoven)
In Nodame : From Episode 1, always involving Milch
This typical ballet piece that i often heard and loved.

Third Act. Violin Sonata No.5 in F Major, Op.24 (Beethoven) by Michelle Siswanto (Violin) and Felicitas Nessca Elma (Piano)
In Nodame : From Episode 2, Mine Graduation Pieces.
This 2 girls really rocks it. they looked like talking to each other while play it.

Fourth Act. Piano Concerto in G (Ravel) by Kazuha Nakahara (Piano)
In Nodame : Chiaki & Rui Concert
This act really an epic for me. I really love the intensity of the song it self and how Ms. Kazuha bring it… Awesome. From 1st movement until the 3rd one, I hardly find my self breathing that time. Bravo!

Fifth Act. Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World” (D’Vorak)
In Nodame : Nodame Special Europe 1
I thought i will go sleepy after 30 minutes in Ravel dreams. But i didn’t! this piece certainly keep me up. And the 4th movement as the most famous piece ended it with a DON! ^^

I really amazed by how the sound of those instruments literally became one that time…
I really loved the ASJ atmosphere..
I really loved how Mr.Addie MS, Kazuha-sensei and other performers interacted with their fans…
There’s so many things that i couldn’t conveyed here…

See You in other concert Twilite Orchestra ^^//


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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 at 14:25

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