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From bangsdabun

Facebook. Twitter. Now, Google+.
Me really still addict with those socmed. After facebook hype is over, now i changing my additive to Twitter or simply do this and that on my Google+ account.
I really got into Facebook before, gaming, sharing photos, changing status now n then, commenting others etc. but since too many people join Facebook lately, i leave it. i didn’t delete my account since it kept me close with my friends from High school, junior high, primary school. i just use it to share photos with my friends or family and off course promoting my blog ^^
Facebook end of story.

New story starts with Twitter. I tried it first because of my husband. Now i’m tweeting more than 16,000 times O__O
what i like from Twitter is…
i can easily release my anger, barfing any words that i want
i don’t need to read the whole newspapers, just pick the interesting headline and read what i want
i can easily tweet my idol
i can promote my blog (off course)
thou’ twitter also has some annoying issue. Aw yes, don’t ask me to follow you, i will follow you if i want to. And if i happen not following you its because i’m not eager to see your tweets, it doesn’t mean we’re not friends in real life.

New-born Google+ is unknown yet, since its brand new, i just like to see it features ^^
In short G+ its like facebook with twitter taste. 🙂

That’s 3 social media networking that i happen to follow, am i social media-additive?? I don’t think so, since i still love to hangout with my real life friends 🙂
As the matter of fact, by certain times, maybe i’ll delete those accounts just like i did to my Friendster account.

Social Media is to help you get close to your friends, it’s not that you close to your friends because of the Social Media


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Saturday, 9 July 2011 at 15:46

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