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[Review]Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san

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Alternative title: よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。
Genres: comedy, supernatural,demons
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)
Episode titles: 13 episodes and 2 OVA
Manga: 6 Volume (Ongoing)
Theme: “Pandemic!! (ぱんでみっく!!)” by Chihiro Yonekura (TV Opening Theme)
“Over the Waves” by Juventino Rosas (OVA Ending Theme)
Daisuke Namikawa as Akutabe
Masaya Onosaka as Azazel
Rina Satou as Rinko Sakuma
Hiroshi Kamiya as Beelzebub
Kazuya Nakai as Salamander
Tesshô Genda as Moloch
Yu Kobayashi as Undine

Plot Summary: Finally, Sakuma (a regular part-timer) knew that his boss, Akutabe is no ordinary detective, his agency also conduct devil summoning to solve ALL the troubles of his clients. One day, Akutabe summon Azazel, the demon that have ability to control lust (form : half goat, human world form : dog) to solve his client wish of adultery. Anyway, Akutabe is far more devilish than Azazel it self, later on Akutabe gave (by force) Azazel to Sakuma.
Besides Azazel, there some devils that appeared, such as :
Beelzebub : ability Divulgence, human world form : Penguin-fly
Moloch : ability Violence, human world form : stuffed-dolls cow
Undine : ability Jealousy, human world form : mermaid-demon
Salamander : ability Revolution. human world form : red lizard
Gusion : ability Forgetfulness. human world form : winged monkey.

IMO the story then tells about how Sakuma, soon-to-be Akutabe II ^^. But the devils that summon by devil-user (One who possess the Grimoire) will be literally dead if their grimoire were stolen by an Angel.

Me about the series :
this anime is very hilarious, despite it contain such vulgar picture or words.. ^^
since i never read the manga yet, i still assume that there’s be second season or more OVA’s.
Recomended if u want to laugh ^^
PS : dont eat ANY FOOD while watch it 🙂

Source: ANN, mangaupdates


Written by hikaruwizard

Monday, 4 July 2011 at 14:00

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