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In Love With Mame-shiba (豆しば)

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what is mame-shiba?
in Mame-shiba world Mame-shiba 豆しば described as

They’re not quite a bean, nor a dog but rather hybrid of both. They love to appear out of nowhere and offer random bits of trivia whether you asked for it or not…

Mameshiba became popular through videos promoting it instead of being related to a show or film The character was first shown on a series of 30-second interstitials madeby Dentsu incorporated between TV programs in Japan that were not bought by commercials.

Episode and character list
Episode 1: “Green Pea Shiba” グリーンピーしば (Gurīn Pī Shiba?)

Episode 2: “Black Bean Shiba” 黒豆しば (Kuromame Shiba?)

Episode 3: “Peanut Shiba” ピーナッしば (Pīnatsu Shiba?)

Episode 4: “Nattō Shiba” 納豆しば (Nattō Shiba?)

Episode 5: “Edamame Shiba” 枝豆しば (Edamame Shiba?)

Episode 6: “Red Bean Shiba” 小豆しば (Azuki Shiba?)

Episode 7: “Amanattō Shiba” 甘納豆しば (Amanattō Shiba?)

Episode 8: “Coffee Bean Shiba” コーヒー豆しば (Kōfūmame Shiba?)

Episode 9: “Cashew Nut Shiba” カシューナッしば (Kashūnatsu Shiba?)

Episode 10: “Jelly Bean Shiba” ジェリービーンしば (Jārībīn Shiba?)

Episode 11: “Chickpea Shiba” ひよこ豆しば (Hiyokomame Shiba?)

Episode 12: “Sword Bean Shiba Episode” 刀豆しば (Nata Shiba?)
in this Mame-shiba trivia, Indonesia mentioned as Belajar = Brasierre.. LOL 🙂
Episode 13: “Boiled Bean Shiba” 煮豆しば (Nimame Shiba?)

Episode 14:”Chili Bean Shiba” チリビーンしば (Chiribīn Shiba?)

Episode 15:”Tiger Bean Shiba” 虎豆しば (Toramame Shiba?)

Episode 16:”Soybean Shiba” 大豆しば (Daizu Shiba?)

Episode 17:”Pistachio Shiba” ピスタチオしば (Pisutachio Shiba?)

Episode 18:”Lentil Shiba” レンズ豆しば (Renzumame Shiba?)

Episode 19:”Fava Bean” Shiba” そら豆しば (Soramame Shiba?)

Episode 20:”Cocoa Bean Shiba” カカオ豆しば (Kakaomame Shiba?)

Me said about this chara
I first saw Baby-shiba while watching Ao no Exorcist, the fansub however include this CM in the episode. At first, i was quite disturbed. Later, i’m addicted to it ^___^ They’re so cute~~~~~
So far, i adore the baby shiba


Source: Wikipedia, Mameshibaworld, Youtube


Written by hikaruwizard

Wednesday, 22 June 2011 at 09:44

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